Oh what a night!

14 Dec

Late December back in…’11.

So you remember we were headed to Ohio? We left Wilkes-Barre bright and early. Frankly, nothing keeping us there. And we set the nav unit to Cleveland. I realllly wanted to find Liz Lemon’s house! By the time we approached Cleveland it was only 2pm and we were still happy to press on. So we looked at the map and saw Toledo on the way. You know, where Corporal Kinger grew up, home of the Mudhens! Just then, a Pretenders song came on the radio and it was karma that we should spend the night in Ohio. Then we saw it. A legendary town just an hour away with the promise of fun…Ann Arbor.

We wanted the perfect Ann Arbor experience so we called our favorite Ann Arborite, Aini Lesley, and she hooked us up with some great ideas. The restaurant was Vinology which turned out to be spectacular! Marci had fresh tuna rolled in falafel (yes!) and I had a delicious skirt steak. We washed it down with a ’06 Bandol. Yum.

Aini also told us about The Ark, Ann Arbor’s local great music club. Playing tonight was Delbert McClinton, but it was sold out. damn! I tried to get tickets through the local broker and Craigslist to no avail. Oh well.

After dinner we stopped in to the local coffee shop which was a few doors down from The Ark. We walked over. We opened the front door and heard the music. “C’mon!” we walked down the hall and into the venue. No one stopped us until we knelt down to watch. The woman tapping my shoulder followed me out into the hall where I explained we were on our way from Boston to Wyoming and heard about the show, took a detour and here we are! She said, “this is your lucky day, follow me.” She found us two great seats and wished us merry Christmas. A great show to top off our evening in Ann Arbor. Put this place on your list!

Tomorrow it’s Chicago for lunch with our old friend Jovan and tomorrow night in Madison, Wisconsin…I think!


One Response to “Oh what a night!”

  1. Janice Yelland December 15, 2011 at 6:47 am #

    What a hoot! Merry Christmas is right! Where were your furry friends during your night of festivities? Still no snow here and no forecast of snow. We think of you often. Be safe!

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