And…we’re off!

13 Dec

It all fits. It’s a miracle but it all fits. If you had seen everything on the floor of our apartment you would ave never believed it, but the combination of German engineering and Jewish determination, well, it fits.

Anyway we left at 10am and planned an easy day of only 5 hours of driving.

20111213-170045.jpgIn fact we have planned only 5 hours each day, though we may do more. Today it was the Pike to 84, past Hartford (have you ever taken 84 past Hartford?), and on into Pennsylvania.

Tonite, our first glorious night we are in Wilkes-Barre PA, home of…I have no idea.

As we drove into WB the row houses came into view reminding us that as we leave the Boston area we truly get into another part of America.

This is a great part of what we’re looking forward to on this trip. We’re also having fun with the dogs as they begin a week of unknown sights and sounds. In fact, they want to add a little something…

We rode in the car all day and never got to the park. Then we finally got out of the car and went into a small moving room, down a long carpeted hall and into a small room with two beds. It seems funny that we would leave our nice home with a wonderful park right out the door and drive all day just to move here. woof.


Tomorrow..Ohio 🙂


One Response to “And…we’re off!”

  1. Tony Berardini December 13, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Thought balloon above Casey’s head, “Maamm, Daad, are we there yet???!!!”

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