The Land of Lincoln

9 May

Leaving St. Louis we passed by Ferguson. It was an immediate return to modern times after living with so much of the past for these last 10 days.

We crossed the mighty Mississippi early and immediately noticed the difference in the landscape.  Trees got leafier, terrain got flatter, and the skies got darker.  Once we got into Illinois nothing could dampen this beautiful country in our beautiful Country.  Rolling hills through farmlands on the backroads of Rt 66 was somehow made all the more special among the raindrops.

MSC_6081 MSC_6085

There are scant few sections of the original road through these parts but plenty of nostalgia.

MSC_6079 MSC_6076 MSC_6075

By midday we had made it to Springfield, Illinois, the capital of the State and the home of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.


We spent an hour in the Museum and it was educational and enlightening.  Interestingly, Lincoln won his first term as President with only 39% of the popular vote.  There were four candidates on the final ballot and as the only abolitionist, the other three split the opposition vote enabling Lincoln’s win.  In the next few years I hope to visit many more of the Presidential libraries around our country.

We found the lovely town of Atlanta, Illinois several miles up the road.  Atlanta has a gem of a spot called the Palm Grill Cafe.  It’s a perfectly restored restaurant that has recaptured its 1935 persona, complete with the uniforms behind the counter.  Where you’re there you’ll meet Luke, the proprietor, and Fonda, who will serve you the best piece of homemade pie you can find.

MSC_6104 MSC_6117Atlanta has another restaurant, this one from 1929 and no longer open, and is presided over by Mr. Bunyan who never goes hungry.

MSC_6091 MSC_6121We dodged the raindrops for the better part of another wonderful day and made for Pontiac, Illinois where we will visit the Rt 66 Hall of Fame next.


There will be one more post from this trip that we’ll bring you, so until then…


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