Sometimes you just need to slow down…

6 May

Well, we didn’t quite make it to Missouri.  In fact, we didn’t get more than about 100 miles in 7 hours.  Made a few stops, met a few people, you know how it goes… But the first stop could have been the most dangerous. I haven’t had a soda pop (as it’s called here) in a couple of years but if I were a sodie-pop drinkin’ type then my mecca would be POPS.  Pops is a new attraction on Rt66 with over a hundred (seems like a thousand) types of pop.  Here’s a few that you may like to see settin’ there on your shelf. IMG_2727-2 IMG_2728-2 IMG_2729-2 IMG_2730-2 IMG_2731-2 IMG_2732-2 IMG_2733-2 IMG_2734-2 IMG_2735-2 These are small towns northwest of Tulsa, OK and next was Arcadia, home of the Round Barn.  So designed n the early 20’s because they though the shape would make it tornado resistant.  Well, it’s still here, isn’t it? MSC_5909 We stopped in at John Hargrove’s place.  John’s an old-timer that restores interiors of old cars.  Today he was working on a 1914 Model T Ford.  He also collects Rt 66 stuff.  Lots of it.  John’s a friendly fellow who can tell stories ’til the day is long.  We hung out for a while, enjoying his company and he ours. MSC_5922 MSC_5915MSC_5913 MSC_5917 MSC_5926 From John’s place we went to Jerry’s place.  Jerry is Jerry McClanahan.  Jerry wrote the book on Rt 66.  Literally.  He is the author if the EZ66 Guide for Travelers.  It’s the book we, and every other Rt 66 driver uses to find the things to find.  Jerry has a gallery in Chandler, OK which is where we found him a stayed for a nice chat.  He told us why Rt 66 has the number 66.  They wanted 60 but Kentucky was using it.  66 was available and that was that.  I think I was hoping for a better story! MSC_5941 After making our way past something that looked totally out of place MSC_5953 We drove the last few miles of the day so Roger could do his Jonah impression.  He’s been waiting for this the whole trip. MSC_5958 And after days of perfect weather the rains came and we got ready for our Cinco de Mayo dinner.  See you tomorrow!  I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to Missouri…I hope.


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  1. richard cohen May 6, 2015 at 6:15 pm #

    where id dr pepper

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