Burgundian delights.

13 Sep

We’re in our last day in Burgundy and I am only slightly embarrassed to say that rain prevented cycling today.  After all the food and wine that has been consumed, I’m not certain that there could be enough air in the tires to support me.Image

It has been a glorious week with new friends and lots of fun.  The landscape and the architecture are so remarkable, it almost feels staged, though it’s quite real, authentic and many hundreds of years old.  We’ve met families that still make wine they way it was made in the 1400’s and some that use more modern methods.  Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Gevrey-Chambertin with lunch at Domain Drouhin-Laroze.  We were served by Christine Drouhin herself and delighted in the food, the wine and the stories.Image

ImageFor our final day we are in the village of Saulieu and will dine at a multi-starred Michelin restaurant.  Tomorrow we head back to Paris to get ready for Abbe, Jake and Jackie. We’ll post more then!  Have a great weekend.


One Response to “Burgundian delights.”

  1. Janice Yelland September 13, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Looking forward to your photos. We are in MV and heading to ACK for a few days!!!!! the weather has been wonderful here. Give the kids hugs from us!!!!! Any barre classes in Paris???? If anyone can find one it would be Marci. it would not surprise me if next we heard she was opening a studio in gay Paris!!!!!!!

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