Life in the West

8 Jan

Today marks three weeks here in Jackson Hole.  It really doesn’t seem like we’ve been here that long, but as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.  I thought we’d catch you up on our comings and goings since arriving minutes before the Patriots gave me indigestion on December 19.  Just two days later it was Chanukah and we celebrated the Festival of Lights among the twinkling starlight of the Tetons.

Town Square ready for the Holidays

It is truly beautiful here.

The Tetons are the prettiest mountain range I’ve ever seen.  The Grand Teton seems to look a little different every time you see it.  But always spectacular.  There has not been the density of wildlife here that we’ve seen in the past, primarily due to the fact that the light snowpack has kept most of the animals up in the higher elevations where they can still find food.  We’re told once the big snow comes (and it will come!) the critters will come down to the valley.  We were very lucky to see a herd of migrating Bison just the last week, very cool!

Jackson Hole's version of Abbey Road

Just 5 days after we arrived we had our first visitor, our daughter Abbe!  It was so great to see her and especially because she loves it out here as well.  We went skiing both at Jackson Hole and at Grand Targhee.  Abbe turned out to be the good luck charm because a few days after she arrived we had our first big snowfall of 20+ inches on the mountain.  We all played in the pow pow.  By the way, Marci’s knee is cooperating with the skiing!  We’re not skiing every day so the rest and the strengthening are both contributing to her being happy back on the slopes.

Marci, ever our social director, has found that her Pilates class and our local coffee shop, Elevated Grounds, are a good source for meeting new friends, as well as our morning rides to the mountain aboard the SmartBus.  I wouldn’t say we have a “circle” yet, but we’ve met some very nice folks.

That’s one of the great aspects to life out here, people are so friendly.  Yes, it’s different than Boston! Everyone goes out of their way to help, from shopkeepers to just people you meet on the street.  The food, too, is delicious and fresh.  We’ve been to some great restaurants, old standards like the Snake River Grill and new local spots like igNight and the Q Roadhouse.  Speaking of the Q, Marci has a new favorite band: Jackson Hole’s homegrown One Ton Pig.  So if you’re wondering where she’ll be on any given Thursday night…oy.

Last Tuesday our great friends Kathy and Gary Sharpless came for a 6 day visit.  It was so great to see them and we had a lot of fun.  Thursday we rented snowmobiles and went out into the Bridger-Hoback National Forest to the Granite Hot Springs.  Yup, we peeled out of our snowmobile suits and into bathing suits for a luxurious soak in the natural warm springs.  That was followed by a yummy barbecue and the beautiful scenery along the ride.

Kathy gets a beautiful shot along Granite Creek

We topped it off with disco night at the Stagecoach.  Nothing like a white polyester suit and a cowboy hat!

I know that it’s been pretty warm back home and we hope that you are enjoying the mild winter.  We miss you all and are looking forward to seeing Jake and Jackie who will be visiting soon.

Stay in touch!


2 Responses to “Life in the West”

  1. Janice Yelland January 8, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    Love reading about your time out west. We are in Vermont and the weather has been pretty spectacular but no snow. ken has skied a couple of times. we may go to or row for a few runs before we head back. We don’t miss the snowy icy roads driving up on Thursdays but we are ready for some white gold. Harry and Patty were up last weekend. They are on their way to FL for three months. They have made the decision not to take a seasonal slip at Fiddlers but to go in late and take a chance on Fiddlers having empty slips then spending more time at Wentworth. They also plan to take their boat to FL in the fall. So the end of an era and a new beginning.:). The hiking and walking is still great here. Doing the kind of exploring we just don’t do when we ski every day. Always a silver lining. All this good weather allowed for the repair of all bridges and roads. Many in Pittsburg are still struggling with the loss of not only their homes but the land that supported their homes. These Vermonters are resilient together they will heal. Just an amazing group of people. We have gone to some local fund raisers where the local talent wrote songs, poems and plays about Irene. Very moving and of course a few chuckles.
    Back to Wellesley tomorrow where today it was almost 60! Feels more like we should be launching soon. Ellen sent us a link of the fire that took the Quisset Boat House. Sad to see. No injuries don’t know about any other damages.
    No snow in the long term forecast, might go to Jay Peak during our week off they have had a bit more snow. Send some snow our way!!!!


  2. Susan January 9, 2012 at 1:50 am #

    Love reading your adventures, brings the experience to life. And sure sounds like fun (that was written with a cowboy accent). Miss you all

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