heading east and up

3 Nov

The landscape and the climate have now completely changed. We’ve left the Thar desert in our rear view mirror and climbed, climbed up into the hills where the air is crisp and the breeze is perfect. Each part of India has it’s own unique identity. Now the turbans have a different shape, the eyes of the beautiful women a deep shade of chestnut and the saris in their brilliant hues contrast the rocky hillsides.

In Ranakpur’s magnificent Jain temple we cover ourselves out of respect to a tradition of those who worship without clothes on. No, we could not figure that out either but the gargantuan blocks of solid white marble that make up this structure are incredible.

On up into the mountains we continue, now we are in leopard country. A stop for chai and we learn not to wander the villages after dark as the yellow eyes will be watching. To Kumbalgargh and a wall so great around a fortress so strong that we are in awe once again that all this, all this is India.

En route today we plan and execute the perfect picnic along a lake in the country. Wine, sandwiches and sunshine!

Tonight we have settled in to a great palace on the lake in Udaipur. Surrounded entirely by water, Marci said to pretend I was on a mooring. It is beautiful and here is the sunset we enjoyed tonight.



2 Responses to “heading east and up”

  1. Anne-Marie November 3, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    Unbelievably awesome — really.

  2. richard cohen November 3, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    Now these pictures are beautiful they really get better as the country side improves. Much love Dad & MJ

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