A letter from Michael Cohen

29 Apr

Hi, I’m sorry for the mass e-mail (I know, we all hate them) but it’s the only way I could think of to get this news out to all my friends. So please, take a minute and read the attached one page letter from me. It’s a pdf file and it’s really from me, but if you’re not sure if you should open it, call me at 508-561-9700 and I’ll tell you it’s OK. Thanks so much.




A letter to my friends.pdf


One Response to “A letter from Michael Cohen”

  1. Joanne Cancro April 29, 2016 at 1:30 pm #

    Michael, This is a very good project and I am very grateful for your work. My Belmont friend has a daughter, Stephanie who lives in Utah and is working with some Syrian families to help translate for them as they settle into this country. She works for a financial institution and is fluid in Arabic and lived in Jordan. Her service project in helping them re-settle has been a real gift as they try to make their way and start over. You are right, they have not been welcomed with open arms thanks to people like Donald Trump perpetuating the ignorance and hate. Our community here in Boston just got done sending over 10 -15 boxes of clothes and kitchen items out to Utah to help. They were overwhelmed with the generosity. Maybe you want to talk to Stephanie and interview one of the families she is helping. Let me know and I can connect you.


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